Where does the money go?

Fundraising Impacts

Contract with Mustard Seed Ranch

Individual Therapy for Vulnerable Teens

Programs with Brent's Place

Construction of Therapy Office

Board for Five Rescue Horses


Contract with Mustard Seed Ranch

Mustard Seed Ranch brings teens to work with the horses on a weekly basis. The program works with youth who have experienced trauma, to develop critical mental, social and emotional needs.  A video describing the impacts of this work can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16CYpBz1oNM

Brent's Place

Brent's Place is a long-term home away from home for children and families with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses while they receive treatment at local hospitals. In addition to safe and clean housing, Brent's Place provides a variety of uniquely-tailored programs and services for the entire family designed to help in the healing process.  This is where Robin's Nest comes in. We have developed virtual farm bingo and virtual paint parties.

Rescue Horse Boarding

Robin's Nest is home to five rescue horses:  Stormy,  Bandit, Paulie, Sparky and Cash (aka Fabio). These horses were rescued for a variety of circumstances from broken leg to being abandoned to the kill lot. It seems they know they have been rescued, because of their demeanor; they are the kindest, most gentle horses you could ever meet. Bandit loves to give hugs. Paulie still loves his grooming time, even at the age of 30.  However, everyone's favorite is Fabio, our miniature horse. He's feisty yet loving (see link below). Even with in-kind donations, it costs about $60,000/year to board and feed the rescue horses. Click the link below to see Fabio running with his friends in the snow.



Therapy for Vulnerable Youth

Douglas County Community Foundation (DCCF) granted Robin's Nest $6,400 to fund a new program for vulnerable youth in Douglas County. This grant will allow us to work with four individuals in eight-week long sessions with the therapy horses.

New Therapy Office: Richard Reed Room

The Richard Reed Foundation granted Robin's Nest the money to construct a new therapy office. The therapy office looks over the turnouts where horses play and roam in the sun. The "back 40" acres is green in the spring and snow-covered in the winter. The office provides a quiet place to conduct one-on-one therapy or finish homework before your horseback riding lesson.



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